• Greater successes in online marketing

    Catapult your company’s online presence

    Our passion revolves around your successes and gains in exposure and growth of your enterprise. Be it a small one-man business or a well-established enterprise operating nationally. Our initial focus and goals where to assist small business owners making a success of their business and being able to survive the harsh economic challenges that are presented to them daily in South Africa.

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  • Dedicated systems geared at assisting you

    Perfect balance is your answer

    We employ a highly developed regime of dedicated systems to culminate into a perfect synergy rendering phenomenal results on Google searches. Our dedicated staff have worked tirelessly for a great many years to developed a perfectly balanced system that can offer you greater levels of exposure and thus assist you in your successes in the future.

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  • Latest technologies to drive your company’s success

    Cutting edge technologies ensuring greater results

    We use the latest technologies, systems and procedures to assist you in exploiting more exposure opportunities in online marketing which could quite possibly not be possible for you in the past. We would like to extend this invitation to you today so that you might also gain bigger successes in online marketing.

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Customer Services

Client service with a smile

We offer customer service opportunities through online chats, email, ticket submission systems and blogs. This is a great way to ensure that maximum time is spend on finding solutions to your problems quickly and efficiently avoiding long telephonic calls that restrict staff optimal performance levels.

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Our procedures

Efficient channels providing for your every need

Our sales and customer care systems ensures your quick and efficient resolution to any dealings with us. Our systems were designed around sophisticated simplicity to ensure that you are attended to as fast and as efficient as possible.

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Our results will prove our success

Proof of the pudding is in…

We have a few samples that you can investigate and determine for yourselves the overwhelming results before you endeavor a relationship with us. We always encourage prospective clients to first analyze the data and do a thorough investigation yourselves and based upon your research then decide if you would be interested in purchasing a marketing product from us.

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Advanced SEO

Advanced optimisation
R2950 /R550 pm

This option renders optimization to the next level of exposure to new potential clients which will increase your revenue at a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising.

Advanced SEO I

For small bussiness
R3250 /R650 pm

If you want to advertise in one large area like Johannesburg for example, we can advertise you specifically in that area.

Advanced SEO II

For medium bussiness
R3450 /R750 pm

If you want to advertise in five large areas like Johannesburg for example, we can advertise you specifically in those areas.

Advanced SEO III

For large bussiness
R4500 /R950 pm

If you want to advertise in one province, we can advertise you specifically in that province.

Advanced SEO IV

For corporate bussiness
R4950 + /R1250 pm

If you want to advertise in more then one province, we can advertise you specifically in those provinces. R2500 per extra province.

Safe & high-speed hosting

Faster servers ensure your success in advertising on the internet.

We offer blisteringly fast servers that provides for the highest levels of security to ensure your company’s success and growth. Our servers are connected to the internet backbone via optic fiber cables that ensures very fast speed which also helps with lowering your visitors bounce rates.

What can you expect?

  • Web advertising takes time.

    Our dedicated staff will daily research more key search terms and then create accompanying web pages to fully seize opportunities to attract more clients for you. However, this is a timeous process to fully utilize all possible search terms. This process does take time for which you will reap the rewards. Studies have shown that 70 to 80% of actual business originates from natural searches. SEO is thus by far more efficient than pay per click.

  • Secure your website with super-fast servers.

    Our servers are using fiber connections to connect to the internet’s back bone. Using exceptional secure servers will help safeguard your website and internet presence.

  • Save your valuable time on generating money while we generate your clients.

    Our dedicated staff is geared at generating clients for you. Relieving you from the tiresome task of advertising while you can focus on what is beneficial for your business and that is generate an income.